A MUST SEE Jewelry Line!!

”Sloane Street, known for our utilization of high end colored gemstones, offers only the best quality stones and craftsmanship.”


Frances Gadbois, former designer and co-founder of JudeFrances Jewelry, has partnered with her fashion forward, twenty-three-year-old daughter, Charlotte, to form a classically chic, 18k gold jewelry line. With the emotional loss due to the passing of a parent and grandmother to Alzheimer’s in March of 2014, it seemed like an opportune time to create something in their loved one’s remembrance. The duo collaborated during their time in England, and in turn Sloane Street was born.

The Gadbois duo travel the world in search of rare, luxurious stones to star as the center pieces for their Caviar designs. Setting out to bring the industry top-of-the-line colored stones, the collection exemplifies the unique beauty each stone brings to a piece, and the company as a whole. Sloane Street is more than a brand, it’s a chic lifestyle.

Sloane Street has partnered with The Alzheimer’s Association Orange County and has designed a collection of pieces in 18k gold and Lemon Lavender Amethyst, accenting The Association’s national color. One hundred percent of the proceeds of each piece sold is gifted to the Alzheimer’s Association. Sloane Street is proud to give back to an organization that is so near and dear to their hearts.