Facet Barcelona emerged from humble beginnings in 1987 to become a respected, international leader in fine jewelry. Through hard work and innovation, the past 30 years have seen Facet Barcelona grow into a powerhouse of design and manufacturing. The company utilizes technologically advanced, streamlined manufacturing processes and diamond procurement operations to bring its customers incredible value while closely monitoring gems for quality and consistency.


FB White Gold
Ring Style 1

FB Cocktail
Ring Style 2

FB White Gold
Earrings Style 3

FB Yellow Gold
Earrings Style 4

FB Key
Pendant Style 5

FB Oval
Pendant Style 6

FB Cross
Pendant Style 7

FB Star
Pendant Style 8

FB Riviera
Necklace Style 9

FB Row
Bracelet Style 10

FB Bangle
Bracelet Style 11

FB Stretch
Bracelet Style 12

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