A company forged from love.

Ella Stein Jewelry was founded by Adi Choksi who grew up in India around his family’s diamond manufacturing business. After Adi and his wife welcomed twins, and one of them was a girl, he started thinking deeply about India’s cultural norms that dictated only his son would enter his business. What about his daughter? Shouldn’t she have the same opportunities as her brother? Surrounded by strong women his entire life who he admired deeply, he decided to challenge the status quo and create a brand to empower Ella and uplift other local women.


ES Wishbone
Earrings Style 1

ES Heart
Earrings Style 2

ES Cross
Bracelet Style 3

ES Blessed
Bracelet Style 4

ES Sunshine
Bracelet Style 5

ES Star
Necklace Style 6

ES I Love You
Necklace Style 7

ES Love You More
Necklace Style 8

ES Love
Necklace Style 9

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