It’s fall y’all! No more 90 degree weather or walking outside and your hair looking like you’ve just been electrocuted!

Bring on the cozy sweaters and booties with a delicate shimmer of sparkle! It’s funny how trends change, isn’t it? We are having more and more calls for yellow gold, gold filled and gold tone jewelry…I did say gold, right? 🙂 So just in case you were wondering if yellow gold is making its come back the answer is most definitely, YES!  We are selling tons of  dainty/delicate pieces of jewelry that are in the gold family. Something that’s just enough sparkle to catch your eye. Very chic and simple. A new line we recently started carrying, that fits this description to a “T”, is enewton. Everything is 14k yellow gold filled and designed to today’s current trends with a classic feel about them that we love!

Something else that sold us on enewton’s fashion forward line, were their lockets! The lockets come in three different sizes and can be worn as a necklace or a bracelet. The best part, enewton will resize the image(s) of your choosing to fit the locket and send it to us ready to go…for free! It’s truly as simple as that! These amazing, heartfelt lockets take about a week for enewton to size, fit and ship.

Stop by and check out enewton for yourself! You’ll be glad you did! 😉