Lafonn jewelry is expertly crafted in sterling silver bonded with platinum, yellow or rose gold and handset with the finest simulated diamond, genuine gemstones, and lab-created gemstones.  Every Lafonn piece is known for its exceptional brilliance and fire.


Lafonn Ring Style 1

Lafonn Ring Style 2

Lafonn Ring Style 3

Lafonn Ring  Style 4

Lafonn Ring Style 5

Lafonn Ring Style 6

Lafonn Ring Style 7

Lafonn Ring Style 8

Lafonn Ring Style 9

Lafonn Ring Style 10


Lafonn Bracelet Style 1

Lafonn Bracelet Style 2

Lafonn Bracelet Style 3

Lafonn Bracelet Style 4

Lafonn Bracelet Style 5

Lafonn Bracelet Style 6


Lafonn Necklace Style 1

Lafonn Necklace Style 2

Lafonn Necklace Style 3

Lafonn Necklace Style 4

Lafonn Necklace Style 5

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